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Bursting Bubbles
Bursting Bubbles

It is said to be more cost-effective than traditional banking systems and intended to be used by anyone with internet access, and transactions are more secure and done anonymously. However, the reality is far from these intentions.

Sep 18, 20223 min read
Studying Tips for Law Students
Studying Tips for Law Students

Eventually, I got a hang of things. I figured out ways to study smarter and learned techniques to improve my reading, comprehension, and writing skills. I have a few study tips I thought I could share with you today that might help you have an easier time in law school.

Feb 14, 20223 min read
BAR 2020/21 rescheduled to February
National News
BAR 2020/21 rescheduled to February

The Supreme Court announced the rescheduling of the BAR Examination to February 4 and 6, 2022. after 16.8% of the bar examinees said they were either positive for COVID-19, living with someone positive, or under quarantine due to direct contact.

Jan 14, 20220 min read

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